Dhavinder Singh

Test Tanah
Moutou Artist Run Space 2019

Test Tanah, or soil test, refers to the investigation or soil structure conditions and interaction prior to the construction or building of structures. An understanding of the suitability of soil in a designated area proposed for development is the first step in construction planning; informing the recommendations for (amongst others), earth support, foundation design, septic system and drainage. Lack or proper Test Tanah, can lead to complications of erosion, gullies, mudflows and/ or- landslides exacerbated in climates with intense rains, causing buildings/structures to heave, settle, and shift unevenly. 

Kuala Lumpur 2019; expansive economical and structural growth, development of which spawns questionable political agendas, reasoning and considerations. What are the invisible machineries shaping the landscape, and guarding (or not the city’s ecological landscape? 

Dhavinder Singh’s decided to do his own Test Tanah, an investigation and exploration of personal sentiments and emotions brought forward through his observations of the Kuala Lumpur monstrosity. In the crowded chaos of development, seeking out the obscure, secluded, and somewhat neglected spaces often forgotten in an urban surrounding: an invitation to engage with perspectives. 

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